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Welcome to Chips Wholesale -Distributing!
div of Classic Wines, LLC
"We Make All Your Drinks Perfect!"
 Chips Wholesale / Distributing is your number 1 stop for all your Bar/Liquor Store/Wine Shop/Restaurant support items.  The company is over 60 years old and is very well known throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.
  A recent merger with Classic Wines, LLC has greatly enhanced our service level.  It not only added sales and deliveries to the mountains and Western Slope, it allows you to combine your wine orders with all your non-alc items and specialty spirits.  Call us for more details and information. 
  Stop by and see our beautiful new office, warehouse, and training center.
  We stock over 1200 items. ... We have now added some select spirits that will also enhance your store, bar, or restaurant...
  If you are looking for the place to get ALL your cocktail drink items just call us...
             We Stock It, We Sell It, We deliver It.....
  •  Mixers - Blood Marys, Margaritas, Pina Colada's, Martini Infusions, etc
  •  Heavy Weight Brown Bags - Liters, Pints, 25/70, 12/60, and more
  •  Styro-Foam Coolers - 3 sizes, great for Parties & Picnics
  •  Olives, Cherries, Onions, Dirty Martini Mix, Lemons, Limes
  •  Glass & Plastic Ware - Beer cups, Wine-Marg-Champagne glasses, Straws, Crystal 
  •  Wine and Bottle Hardware - Church Keys, Openers, Wine Saver
  •  Water, Soda, Tea's
  •  Spirits....A very select and elite line of spirits to enhance your retail
       store, bar, or restaurant
        [ Call For a Complete Listing of the Items that you Need ]
  In many areas we offer Sales Reps that will call on your store, with convenient delivery , generally the same week.  Our minimum delivery order is only $150.00. 
  Our warehouse is also conveniently located at Monaco & Smith Road. We are always open for Will-Calls.  Located in Denver, you can easily find us right off the I-70 highway.
We stock many of the brands that you know and sell everyday. Here is a list of some of our many brands;
  • MIXERS: - Motts, Quickway, OhGave, Major Peters, La Paz, Holland House, Bartenders Mix, Clamato,  Angostura Bitters, Rose's, White Rock, Zing Zang, Cock n' Bull Ginger Beer, Mr & Mrs T's, Hurricane Mix, Irish Dog
  •  JUICES: - Dole, Campbells, Mr. Pure, Sacramento, Tropicana, V-8, Snap-E-Tom
  •  SYRUPS: - Monin, Fees, Trader Vic's
  •  SODA: - Arizona Tea, IBC, Boulder Water, Gatorade, Martinelli's Sparkling Juice, Perrier Water, Sweet Leaf Teas, Nestle Water
  •  SALTS: - Franco's, Twang, La Paz, Limonaza, Limon 7
  •  FRUITS/VEGGIES: - Santa Barbara, Star, Rose's Lemon & Lime Squeezers
  •  HARDWARE/SUPPLIES: - Franmara, Salute, Mr. Boston Book,  Mumm, Vacu Vin, Libby, Styro Coolers, gift bags, beer ringers and carriers
          ...Many Items Too Long To List
                    Please Call For More Information...
  Delivery, Service, Inventory Stock, Support...
                    Call Chips now and let us take your order
 and Make your life Easier!!!
Thank-you for the Opportunity to Serve You
 "Let The Margarita Times Roll"
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